Zion Activities Photo Gallery

Below are pictures of different activities that happen at Zion throughout the year.  Just click on the picture to enlarge it.

Church Activities

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1stCommbreadbaking.JPG (127963 bytes)

The children’s sermon with Pastor Roger and Peli

1st Communion Class of 2009

The children of the 2009 1st Communion Class Baking their Communion bread

Boilermaker2008.JPG (188520 bytes)

Children participating in Easter 2008 Worship Service

Boilermaker Sunday Church has bake Sale for Boilermaker Spectators

Potluck Suppers

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Lou DeAngelis
and the Contemporary Music Group

Vicar Kevin assisting Buddy with the Children’s sermon

A look at our newly renovated organ

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Children’s Ministry Activities

ChristmasPagent08.JPG (127811 bytes)

VBSSongService08.JPG (129199 bytes)

Christmas Pageant 2008

Children Singing at Sunday Worship

Vacation Bible School
2009 Class

Learning Songs at
Vacation Bible School

 Crocodile Dock 2009
Vacation Bible School

Crocodile Dock 2009 Vacation Bible School

Christian Education
Year End Celebration

Global Mission World Hunger Sunday 2009

Puppet Ministry 2009

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Youth Ministry and Youth Group Activities

volleybalgroup 08.jpg (54036 bytes)

 Confirmation Class

The Youth at the Volleyball Marathon 2009

Global Mission Sunday
Youth Bring Offering

Youth Group Mini-Golf
Outing 2009

Youth Group
Mini-Golf Outing 2009

Playing the Guitar and Singing for Missionaries Visit

Participation in Global Mission Sunday Worship Service           Youth Group
Car Wash?
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Adult Ministry

adulcla2.jpg (19020 bytes)

Vicar Kevin leading discussion at Adult Forum Class

Adult Forum Class

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