Volunteer Opportunities

We are asking each member to commit to serve your church family two hours a month in addition to your volunteerism outside the church building. These hours can be fulfilled however you like. Take a look at the list of needs to maintain our congregation and our services. If you see something that you can handle, we ask you to do so. Those of you who are already donating time to your fellow congregants, we thank you and ask that if you see something here you might be able to do, please let us know.

Help prepare newsletter for mailing – contact the office

Help Joyce & Linda with Bulletin – contact the office

Write one of the new monthly “Member Profile” articles for Website. A questionnaire will be provided. – contact Shirley Eadline

Organize church library book sale/exchange to help revamp our library

Research/design audio-video system for the sanctuary
– contact Shirley Eadline for details

Start a small group to handle donations to be auctioned
on a Zion
 EBay Charity page. The proceeds could be deductible
for the giver 
& the profits a financial benefit for the church

If you know of another area requiring volunteers, or you have an idea for something you would personally like to work on, send Shirley Eadline a note and we’ll add it to the list. Working together is the key.