Changes in Website and Communication

We are making changes to improve communication!

We are making some changes to take better advantage of digital technology for our member and guest communications.  Don’t worry, we are making these changes slowly over the next few months so everyone can do them at your own pace.

We are starting with three simple changes while the technology task force continues to develop an organized plan for other changes. (This summary is also being emailed to folks in case it is easier for you in that format.)

Change # 1 – Website Updates

We will slowly over the next few months change the look of the website and create a member area.  This will allow us to share more information online with members only.

What do you need to do?  Nothing right now except stay tuned for more on this and send us your thoughts with the contact us form on the website.

Change # 2 – Automated Email List

We are going to start using an automated service for church emails.  This service lets you sign up for which emails you want and update your email address and preferences whenever you want.  Shirley has done a WONDERFUL job trying to keep us all informed and this system will make it easier for her and the office to send us what we want at our current address.  It will also make our email compliant with the various rules for spam so we don’t get banned from the internet.

What do you need to do?  Go to to sign up and pick the types of emails you want.

Change # 3 – E-version of the Newsletter.

You all have gotten notices from your banks and other associations asking if you prefer to get notices via email and website instead of on paper.  We are going to offer the same thing for our newsletter.  It is greener (more environmentally friendly) and reduces our time and cost to print and mail newsletters.

What do you need to do?  When you sign up for the email list above, you can select how you want to get the newsletter.  You can still get one by regular mail, or get the electronic version (and pick one up at the church if you want a paper copy).  We will continue to mail the newsletters as we always have for the next few months.